The Luttrell Psalter is one of the most famous manuscripts from medieval England because of the images that decorate the margins of its pages. What makes the Luttrell Psalter unique is that it is richly illustrated with depictions of everyday life in rural England in the first half of the 14th century. Acquired by. The Luttrell Psalter was written and illustrated circa – by anonymous scribes and artists. It was commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell.

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He took more notice of human form and posture in his drawings. Views Read Edit View history. The illustrations within the manuscript display several scenes luttfell Geoffrey Luttrell’s life, regular daily activities around the town and many different curious figures combining animal and human parts. Psalm 26 27 ; Thomas Becket – Luttrell Psalter c. Sir Geoffrey Luttrell at table – Luttrell Psalter c.

Geoffrey luttrell psalter longbowmen.

It is now in the luuttrell of the British Library in London, since the separation of the Library from the British Museum. The pages vary in their degree of illumination, but many are richly covered with both decorated text and marginal pictures of saints and Bible stories, and scenes of rural life.

He shows great skill at producing effects of shadow and texture. The Luttrell Psalter luttrelk a good illustration of everyday life in the Middle Ages. The Folio Society The volume was acquired by the Library in Throughout the centuries it has had several owners. Luttrell Psalter facsimile editionpublished by The Folio Society, The Psalter is not mentioned in the will.


He also drew the depictions of the Luttrell family. The Luttrell Psalter represents a masterpiece of English illumination, and the decoration of the codex is remarkable for the exquisitely detailed miniatures of everyday life.

Luttrell Psalter

Now preserved at the British Library in Londonthe codex was made around the years in Lincolnshire and represents an exceptional example of English Gothic illumination. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Binding The binding by Smith Settle of Otley is in Nigerian goatskin leather blocked with a design by David Pwalter using gold, silver and colored foils.

He owned estates in YorkshireLincolnshire, Nottingamshireand Leicestershire. University of Toronto Press, The Luttrell Psalter was composed by one scribe and at least five different artists [9]all of lutyrell with slightly different styles.

It was made in the diocese of Lincoln for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell – of Irnham, probably sometime between and The Luttrell Psalter is interesting with regard to musical tradition in the Middle Ages because it tries to integrate both the religious and devilish side of the psalter to combine them “into the service of the sacred”. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

The Luttrell Psalter is exceptional for the inventiveness and number of its humorous and charming decorations. Grotesque Luttrell Psalter f. And even though the text is in Latin, the image itself can be a visual representation of a play on words in either French or English. The Folio SocietyExport to Endnote. luytrell


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This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat The lluttrell by Smith Settle of Otley is in Nigerian goatskin leather blocked with a design by David Eccles using gold, silver and colored foils.

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The creation of the Luttrell Psalter might be psaltef either to the papal dispensation of which allowed the Luttrell-Sutton marriage or to the coming of age in of Andrew Luttrell, Sir Geoffrey’s son. Michelle Brown believes it was made and planned much later, around — Luttrell wanted the drawings to reflect the current devotional, cultural, political, economic and dynastic aspirations that he and his family had.

The third Luttrell artist, “the Illustrator”, favoured a two-dimensional style. The Psalter is named after its original owner Geoffrey Luttrellwhose figure appears in the codex. LondonBritish LibraryAdd.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Luttrell Psalter

It contains vellum leaves of the highest quality with flyleaves of paper. Check out our popular filters below! Views View Edit History.