Set in the grim slums of Dublin during the Irish civil war of –23, the play chronicles the Juno and the Paycock, tragicomedy in three acts by Sean O’ Casey. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the. Setting. The living apartment of a two-room Tenancy of the Boyle Family, in a tenement house in Dublin. Period of the play,

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Ah, leave Johnny alone, an’ don’t be annoyin’ him! Oh, father, that’s not Rest in Peace; that’s God save Ireland. Let me alone, let me alone, let me alone, for God’s sake. Well, what d’ye want now? Anthony isn’t enough, but he must have another rhe to the Virgin here! I don’t know why you wanted to walk out for Jennie Claffey; up to this you never had a good word for her. Ah, then, me boyo, you’d do far more work with a knife an’ fork than ever you’ll payccok with a shovel!

A bottle o’ stout ud be a little too heavy for me stummock afther me tay. Come in the evening come in th’ mornin’; come when you’re assed, or come without warning Mrs.

The foreman in Foley’s told me paycpck hadn’t left the snug with Joxer ten minutes before I went in. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Shut the door, shut the door, quick, for God’s sake! Tancred, before you go.


Joxer’s song, Joxer’s song olay give tis wan of your shut-eyed wans. Come on in, Mrs. Johnny persuades Juno to follow Jack and beg him to come home.

Juno and the Paycock

Aw, one o’ Mary’s; she’s always readin’ lately — nothin’ but thrash, too. Boyle; I simply was anxious to do you a good turn. I saw yous comin’ out o’ the Corn- flower Dance Class, an’ you hangin’ on his arm — a thin, lanky strip of a Micky Dazzler, with a walkin’-stick an’ gloves! That’s no concern o’ yours, Jerry Devine; let me go! I don’t know; you’re to meet me at the Pillar at eight o’clock; then we’re to go to a place I’ll be told of to-night; there we’ll meet a mother that’ll bring us to the ajd.

Juno left a bottle o’ stout here, an’ it’s thf — it didn’t walk, did it?


He busies himself with papers. Sit here, sit here, mother.

It is about six in the evening, and two days after the First Act. No, of course yous couldn’t — yous wanted to keep her company. She sends Mary to live with a relative and, before going to the police station to identify Johnny’s body, delivers a monologue that echoes Mrs Tancred’s in Act II.


Yes, an’ let him bring in Joxer Daly along with him?

Gawn with you, child, an’ you only goin’ to be marrid; I remember as well as I remember yestherday, — it was on a lovely August evenin’, exactly, accordin’ to date, fifteen years ago, come the Tuesday folleyin’ the nex’ that’s comin’ on, when me own man the Lord be good to him” an’ me was sittin’ shy together in a doty little nook on a counthry road, adjacent to The Stiles. Tancred’s son is in this mornin’s paper.

Juno and the Paycock

Are you sure you said nothin’ to him? An’ what ud prevent me from gettin’ th money?

Leaning against the dresser is a long-handled shovel — the kind invariably used by labourers when turning concrete or mixing mortar. He’s not goin’ to escape me — he’s not goin’ to be let go to the fair altogether. Grand, grand; you should folly that up, you should folly that up. Juno, I’m done with Joxer. What are you ajd up all the racket for? The major literatures written in English outside the British Isles are treated separately under American literature,….

No, I never went out.