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The IBM® System x M3 provides outstanding performance for your mission- critical applications. Its energy-efficient design supports more cores, memory. Two x X5 servers can be connected together to form a single-system image with up IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. System x is a line of x86 servers produced by IBM, and later Lenovo. They were a sub-brand of . IBM System x, x, x M3, x M4, x M5; IBM System x, x M5; Lenovo System x M4, x M5; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo System x X6; Lenovo NextScale; Lenovo FlexSystem.

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Rack cabinets The server supports the rack cabinets listed in the following table.

They are also used to connect the system to a MAX5 memory expansion unit. The external tape drives listed can be ordered through System x sales channel. The x M3 uses hexagonal ventilation holes in the x385.

Calls received after 4: RTS provides comprehensive technical call center support for covered servers, storage, operating systems, and applications. For more information, see the following Lenovo website:.

IBM System x M3 Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

It offering outstanding performance, and superior reliability and fault-tolerant memory characteristics. Optical drives The server supports the optical drive options listed in the following table. Full height, half length Riser 1 supplies slots 1 and 2. Ibbm a service and support standpoint, Lenovo memory automatically assumes the system warranty, and Lenovo provides service and support worldwide.


Lenovo System x

The x X5 is withdrawn from marketing, effective June 30, You can replace each standard riser with one of the following risers or configure one of these riser cards instead of the standard 2 x8 riser using special bid or CTO:. It also supports highly secure remote power control using data encryption.

The x X5 server packs numerous fault-tolerant and high-availability features into a high-density, rack-optimized package that helps to significantly reduce the space needed to support massive network computing operations.

Controllers for internal storage The following table lists the RAID controllers and additional options used for internal disk storage of x M3 server. This included a four-socket TPC-C database benchmark result of over 2. Related product families Product families related to this document are the following: No OS is installed.

Refer to the Standard Specifications section for information about standard features of the server. Views Read Edit View history. Execute Disable Bit functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.


Standard models The following x380 lists the standard models.

Up to two six-core up to 3. Hard Drive s 4x GB 10K 2.

See the MAX5 section for details. Lenovo also had and still has its own ThinkServer family of Intel servers. Disk drive bays Up to 16 2. RDIMMs can be populated three per channel. External ports Two USB 2. Models ending with an R, are rack-mount. The x X5 offers numerous features to boost performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs:. With only one or two cores active, the same processor can run those cores at 2.

Lenovo DDR3 memory is compatibility tested and tuned for optimal System x performance and throughput. IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. Two independent nodes form a resilient 8-way configuration. QPI wrap cards are installed in sockets where the scalability cables are installed. This saves money under normal conditions because the fans do not have to spin at high speed.