Learn how forex traders use the Gartley pattern to identify major turning points in the market. STAGE 1: THE BULLISH IMPULSE LEG A bullish impulse leg is a strong move in price action to the upside. The impulse leg can be a mixture. The Gartley pattern is a complex chart pattern, based on Fibonacci numbers and ratios, that helps traders identify reaction highs and lows.

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The associated figure shows how often price reaches those targets. Do like trading the patterns? The loose interpretation allows AB retrace of XA to vary from The table shows how often price rises to A, B, and C for the strict and loose interpretations the “measure rule” lines.

Select market data provided by ICE Data services. I hope you guys keep on going Reply. For some odd reason, the discoverers of these variations decided to name them after animals Maybe they were part of PETA? The final leg of the pattern sees price drop from peak C to the valley at D. The Bullish Gartley Retraces.

Target 2 at the To test the performance of the bullish Gartley, I programmed my computer to find all peaks and valleys within 5 days. You guys helped me alot.


Gartley Pattern and Trading the Patterns

Or am I reading the price action incorrectly? I think the best advice comes from reading Scott M. Most of the classical charts patterns use Fibonacci levels as well. The CD leg is, therefore, longer than the AB leg.

Once price turns at D, buy. Take your Fibonacci retracement tool and draw from your A leg to your B leg. Patterrn letter D could be seen as with the trend trade very close to support gartkey resistance in any case and good reward to risk as well target can be the top in up trend example, bottom in down trend example OR any Fib from C to D.

The chart pattern can be classified as a variation of a measured move down. That’s typical for long patterns.

Bulkowski’s Bullish Gartley

I show the “strict” Gartley retraces in the figure for reference. I did the same for valleys. Hi Tutoriwl, happy to hear that you found the article interesting and useful! Having so many rules makes the pattern rare. Like this, if you know about butterfly pattern and other patterns please help us. An example of This is typically a large upward move to accommodate the retraces that follow.


Let me also say that I have not read Gartley’s book, so details of this pattern are based on Internet sources. The Gartley pattern is complex because it deals with Fibonacci ratios. Hi Adam, that is great! Your email address will not be published.

How do you know the stock has completed the turn at D?

Bulkowski’s Bullish Gartley

This service was one of the first to apply scientific and statistical methods to analyze the stock market behavior. Do you like it? Submit gutorial Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In general, it boils down to either entering upon a direct level, a confirmation or a momentum break.

Gartley Pattern and Trading the Patterns | Trading Strategy Guides

Trade management of open orders or taking a last small position of the week is of course tasks which we can still do. The impulse leg can be a mixture of bullish and bearish candles, but must have a bullish overall direction.

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