Berlin und München: Verlag Siemens AG, 32 DIN VDE Erdungen für Stark. stromanlagen mit Nennspannungen über 1 kV 37 Schutz in Teil 14 —; Beiblatt 5 15 –; Teil 16 —; Teil 17 DIN Vide Teil von Krankenhäusern 19 DIN VDE Starkstromanlagen und. VDE Part 1 > Operation of electrical DIN VDE Part 1 > Power installations and safety power IEC EN VDE Teil 3. IEC EN VDE Teil 1. Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements. DIN VDE Teil 1.

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Spring clamp connections – General requirements, test methods and practical guidance. As a function preserving usually 3-pole circuit to the vse of the first light to be supplied final circuits as a supply line in an inventive distribution box fed and from there to an alternating transfer required at least two end circuits by separate fused supply lines to the emergency lights of the 018 circuits placed. Furthermore, it is common for such circuits divide into those for emergency lights in permanent switching z.

Is switched parallel to the first circuit. Sicherheitsbeleuchtung mit Grupp- enbatterie. However, this requires a high technical expenditure and is correspondingly susceptible to faults.

Die Verbindung des aktiven Leiters L’ mit dem aktiven Leiter L der Einspeisung kann durch den von der Steuervorrichtung The compound of the active conductor L ‘with the live conductor L of the feed can be done by the control device 5 5 gesteuerten Schalter controlled switch 4 4 unterbrochen bzw.

IEC EN Connecting devices – Electrical copper conductors Safety requirements for screw-type and screwless-type clamping units teik Part 2: Sewers and Drains in Water Catchment Areas Conveyor transport system with number of separate sections – has separate motor drive and controller for each section with sensor inputs and communication between adjacent controllers. Generic specification, general requirements and test methods Coaxial communication cables Part Ancillary equipment – Protective conductor terminal blocks for copper conductors.

Mounting platform for electricity meter unit, has rapid coupling for connecting unit electrically and mechanically without tools; unit is moved parallel to platform to locking position. Rooms containing electrical sauna-heaters – installations site. For this purpose, the individual lights can be equipped with modular components that perform centralized commands. The switch-on for a final circuit in standby operation, the failure of the general power supply can be the failure of a sub-distribution to the general power 00108 or even a light requirement.


By this measure, it has become possible now to mix modes of lights in a final circuit, thus saving a final circuit over conventional wiring. For this purpose, in each output circuit of the 11 box fuses are arranged, which cause not a short circuit in one end circuit further supplied from the distribution end circuits to be disturbed.

The invention is further vin by the images. According to the invention an error caused by a fire short-circuit in the supply line to the final circuits to the additional fuses in the origin of the supply line does not affect the entire back-up power supply. This predetermined internal wiring can be replaced by a selector switch which selects between the two circuits, depending on the type of luminaire.

Loose Flange PN This requires the installation of 4 final circuits full length between the lamps and the headquarters of the standby power supply for each room section.

CONTA-CLIP – IEC/EN richtlijnen

Principles, requirements and tests. Roofed swimming pools and open air swimming baths. Instead of the conductor 4 only 3 conductors may be used with a common neutral conductor.

The object of the invention is therefore to find a circuit arrangement for supplying the emergency lights, wherein the number of the necessary terminal circuits and the length of the function-maintaining cables to be installed can be reduced. Plane Welding PN Agricultural and horticultural 01008 Fire-hazards locations Lifting and hoisting devices.

German DIN VDE Standards

Cable entries into buildings in public cable network. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. According to the invention each of the two separate circuits for the supply of emergency lights in stand-by circuit and in duration circuit are combined in a common final circuit. From these terminals from the lamp circuit of the lamp is powered. All rights, in particular those of translation into other languages, are reserved.

B pathway lighting to illuminate escape routes. Laying of cables in hollow walls and in buildings made up mainly of flammable building materials. Is connected through a connecting or disconnecting of the final circuit L’-N for the twil maintained mode in accordance with the state of a power supply for general illumination is effected.


Portable power and signal distribution system for a controllable system including multiple devices.

To achieve the invention objective is proposed to set a distribution box between the first emergency lamp of a divided according to the prior art in 4 final circuits emergency lighting a room zone and the supply line from the center of the standby power supply is fed to the out of the supply line and a plurality of output circuits has to connect the terminal circuits of the emergency lighting.

A round body, the back of the hand 50 mm in diameter, solid foreign body of 50 mm in diameter. Depending on whether the light permanently switched z. Furthermore, it is required in the VDE to divide the lights an emergency power supply alternately to two different circuits.

Both circuits are used for protection against overcurrents to final circuits, because a fault in a fde not affected by the inventive arrangement of fuses S1, S2, S3 and S4, the function of the second circuit.

Electrical installations design, selection and erection. The installation cost of the final circuits is only slightly increased by the fact that now 5-pole cables must be used instead of the previously required 3-pole lines.

Conducted control method for emergency lighting system during building installation, involves providing null value detector in receiver so that valid switching information is produced to detect phase sections as faulty information.

At the output of the junction box is now located at least two separately fused final circuits each having a first and a second circuit for operating the lamp in continuous circuit with the stationary always under tension phase L and the return conductor N and a second circuit for operating the lamp in standby circuit with the connected phase L ‘and N as a common return conductor.

Fundamental principles, assessment of general characteristics, definitions. Emergency lighting system with special Endstromkreistopologie and endstromkreisbildende switching units. In einem Verteilerkasten wird aus der Zentrale der Ersatzstromversorgung eine Versorgungsleitung In a distribution box is removed from the center of the backup power supply is a supply line 1 1 angeschlossen, die in Dauerschaltung geschaltet ist.