CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes.» CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes. Lecture notes Provided by. Einstein college of. CS INTERNET COMPUTING UNIT – I. FUNDAMENTALS. PART A. 1. What is the difference between node and host? A node is any addressable device. Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper.

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What do you mean by Server-side? What is meant by loop back address? ServerSocket represents a listening TCP connection.

CS1401 Internet Programming Syllabus

It is the process of converting a set of object instances that contain references to each other into a linear stream of bytes, which can then be through a socket. It protects the internal network from unauthorized access or activity, What is meant by Server Socket?

CS Object Oriented Programming question papers The response object transmits information from the web server to browser.

To control this risk, Microsoft developed a registration system so that browsers can identify and authenticate an ActiveX control before downloading it. Two ways of maintaining the sessions: This is known as Stateless Connection. For managing information flows between departments and weapons systems Scriptlets enable you to create small, reusable web applications that can be used progrramming any web page.

When it is found the string is broken from that point. Anna University – B. Placing the data inside a package of headers is known as encapsulation.

CGI programs are the most common way for Web servers to interact dynamically with users.


What is mean by firewall A firewall is a cs1401-interndt of network hardware that serves as a secure gate way between an internal network and internet. Shopping sites want you to have a personal account created before you shop their site. Occurring on the server side of a client-server system.

Data binding is DHTML feature that lets you easily bind individual elements in your document to data from another source such as database or comma delimited text cs1401-nternet.

As a moniker, ActiveX can be very confusing because it applies to a whole set of COM-based technologies. This gives them much more power than Java applets, but with this power comes a certain risk that the applet may damage software or data on your machine.

An optional,yet key element in architects a distributed systems around XML. Some online shopping sites offer free samples. Write a note on proxy server.


Server Side Includes SSI gives you a way to insert the content of another file into a file before the web server processes it. What do mean by search engine? Demand reply functions These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them. Each time a request is made to the server, it is as if there was no prior connection cs1401-inrernet each request can yield only a single document.

Once an cs1410-internet connection is requested, the ServerSocket object will return a Socket object representing the connection. Data Compression method, if any 3.

What are the ASP objects? A clear way of transition from the existing IP to css1401-internet IP next generation Initiating a call to the remote object 2. DatagramSocket represents a connectionless datagram socket.


How are the protocol handlers implemented? Because IIS is tightly integrated with the operating system, it is relatively easy to administer. Each script gets its own unique set of variables and multiple scripts can be executed at once, each in its own environment.

2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS1401 – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper

A hardware or software module that adds a specific feature or service to a larger system. Closing the connection Manages application tasks 2. A well-designed applet can be invoked from many different applications. A control using ActiveX technologies. The request methods tell the script how it was invoked.

How do search engine work? What are the key technologies in web services Progfamming three key technologies are 1. Write a note on Environment variables. What is the programminf of routers? Each time a request is made to the server, it is as if there was no prior connection and each request can yield only a single document.

Pass information from one network to another. Manages application tasks 2. The persistence of Java applets makes them faster because there’s no wasted time in setting up and tearing down the process.

The response object transmits information from the web server to browser.