Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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We will also show how CiscoAssure Policy Services will set new standards to ensure that network managers have the tools to break through the QoS complexity barrier, and provide ever higher levels of service on the network.

DFW Cisco Users Group – downloads

After this session, you will be able to configure and troubleshoot the MRA solution with ease and time to spare. They abstract protocols, transports and encodings, plus they free the programmer from having to master the specifics of YANG. There’s too much content for me to have to download each one individually. The presentation will feature a live IPv6 demonstration network, where networkesr of these configuration and misconfiguration options will be demonstrated on routers, servers, and clients.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free

Learn how to customize the threat threshold to their customers’ network to prevent false positives and using CS-MARS to provide a picture of the current network. This presentation focuses on identifying traffic, applying policy to mark traffic and adjusting rate limits on the policy. Learning how to achieve both whilst addressing stringent network requirements for today’s competitive businesses will provide a checklist of security measures already available in Cisco IOS.


This cieco will discuss Linux KVM installations of virtual networks, we will discuss virtual bridging, and open vswitch installations. Does your business have a need to provide internet access for visitors, contractors, or partners?

Common deployment scenarios and high availability and scalability basics will be covered as well.


The next generation service assurance should be able to understand and co-relate the events from the entire stack cutting across physical and virtual resources. Prssentations Quality of Service Enterprises and Service Providers deploying IP networks with multiple types of applications face a variety of management challenges, from traffic engineering and capacity planning, to service assurance, service level management, and provisioning.

Tools are simply defined as networkerd that helps you perform your job. We also briefly cover TCL scripting. You will use built-in Wireshark OpenFlow display filters and create color definitions to assist in recognizing OpenFlow traffic quicker.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free –

Followed with A brief description of public and private cloud computing and what each is useful for and what pitfalls to avoid.

Cisco Internet Operating System IOS provides unique glue that allows deployment of end-to-end security measures on a network of any size. The presentations from this year’s conference should be preesntations by June 20th. Instead, it looks at the same network from a security functionality approach, and it’s lresentations we all need to pay attention to, whether or not we’re security specialists.

Nrtworkers a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kiran Dambala – Tek-Tools, Inc. This session will cover recently released IPv6 attack tools that target the Neighbor Discovery Protocol NDP and how Ethernet switch manufacturers have created protection measures.

  IN4007 M7 PDF

If that is the case, this is one presentation that you surely won’t want to miss.

Communications and transactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners necessitates that a security program encompass multiple network devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs and Intrusion Detection Systems. Wireless Security Myth-Busting This presentation focuses on 5 cisc the most commonly held myths regarding wireless security and why they are ineffective presenyations real-world wireless security deployments.

Neither am I, sadly. Remote Access for Large Enterprises The presentation will focus on Remote Access solutions as they relate to large companies with requirements that are national. Advanced Enterprise Campus Design Alternatives: The basic premise will cizco that if you want to minimize downtime and get the most from your IT assets, a network must be managed to achieve or exceed the design parameters.

During this session we will explore the primary architectures to achieve these goals.

So icsco you will be able to explain it to your Grandmother. Troubleshooting performance on wireless networks is challenging without the right tools. We’ll discuss what the technology is and what it isn’t, and where it fits in the overall design of your network. This session is intended to provide a basic overview of Cisco’s new end-point intrusion prevention system EIPS and how this networekrs prevents, versus detects, intrusions. The Modern Security Landscape “I keep hearing all this doom-and-gloom hype about security.