A few points to note, assuming Alexander won. 1. Alexander, after defeating Porus, impressed by him makes him the governor of all his territories in India. Hydaspes (Old Indian Vitaçtā, modern Jhelum): river in Pakistan, famous for a battle of Alexander the Great. Hydaspes, possible location of the. After destroying the last remnants of the Persian army at Gaugamela, Alexander spent the next two years occupying the heartlands of central Asia. Continuing.

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Macedonian, 1, of 41,; Indian, 12, dead and 9, captured of 50, Alexander posted his heavy infantry in a phalanx in the center, led the right wing cavalry himself, and sent the left wing cavalry under Coenus on a wide, outflanking ride behind a hill.

Only cavalry broke out to safety eventually making it back to Porus to inform him of the defeat. They were an instant too late. Porus had drawn up his infantry on a wide front with both wings supported by chariots and cavalry. hyaspes

He was the most magnificent target in military history, standing there alone in his gold-decked armor, the white plumes and crest of his helmet nodding violently as he swung his shield off and forth to parry the converging missiles. When Porus learned that Alexander had advanced over the river, he marched to attack. This was where an uninhabited, wood-covered island divided the river. As Tulambo was falling, Alexander heard that another Mallian force was concentrating at a city of the Brahmins modern Atari.

Alexander’s terms were thus very generous to the defeated monarch. Eggermont, Alexander’s campaign in Southern Punjab But there was a rub.


Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. At last, the pragmatist in him won out.

On the reverse, Alexander himself was shown, carrying the attributes of his divine ancestorZeus: With his entire force now across the Hydaspes, Alexander marched inland to face Porus. The Macedonian paean rang out as the great beasts crashed into the long spears, impaling themselves. At dawn, Alexander crossed the Jhelum, a considerable distance upstream from his initial camp.

Hydaspes (326 BCE)

The Indians were even more astonished than the Guards as Alexander landed on his feet, put his back to the wall and assumed his fighting stance. The army had been lashed by the monsoon since it left the Hydaspes.

He saw that the ground level inside the citadel was higher than outside. There was little to savor in pf victory. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Alexander proceeded along the river, downstream, towards Porus’ army.

The army reached the banks of the Hyphasis Beas River in July. What he fo was a surprise crossing, and the rain offered sufficient opportunity. Alexander also had an officer wear his kings cloak to give the impression that he was also present. Name of the Battle: Alexander did not match the broad front offered by Porus, instead choosing to concentrate his army in a more densely packed formation directly across from Porus himself.

Hydawpes shouts and screams of a dying city became a muted backdrop as the Macedonian leaders huddled around their king.

He seized upon bad omens to announce that the army would return home. Lung tissue never fully recovers, and hyxaspes thick scarring in its place made every breath cut like a knife. Then others put their shoulders to the gate and with a heave sprung it open.

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Hydaspes ( BCE) – Livius

One by one they reached the top and dropped inside. The Macedonian chargers burst out onto the open plain directly behind the advancing Indian forces and caught up with them halfway into their charge.

Another element of surprise was that the Macedonian officer Coenus had brought the ships which had been used to cross the Indus battlee the way to the Jhelum. Alexander was carefully placed on a shield and carried out of the citadel to his tent as the city was given over to massacre. The forces were numerically quite evenly balanced, although Alexander had more cavalry and Porus fielded war elephants.

The elephants were eventually repulsed and fled back to their own lines. History of the Macedonians. Ancient Saraswati River Map. Alexander felled a second leader with a stone, hurled with the force of a small catapult. But the sheer bravery of each individual soldier could not halt the Macedonian’s from advancing on all fronts. During the long and arduous march back towards G reece the army stopped at the city of Babylon for rest and refitting, where soon after Alexander contracted a mysterious illness and died shortly after.

Despite horrific losses the Indian’s continued to fight on in an heroic effort to uydaspes their fallen king. A modern crossing of the Jhelum.