Apollo Medical Devices is commercializing a rapid blood testing technology with an anticipated turnaround time of five minutes using just a single drop of blood. Medtech Notes. likes · Medtech Notes added 26 new photos. October 8 ·. Must have! Recommendations and Reviews. Recommended by 1 . The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon offers an to reflect on what we know about the Apollo era and its legacies, what we still need to H- Sci-Med-Tech List Discussion Logs · H-Sci-Med-Tech Reviews.

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Keep track of strains, cell-lines, plasmids, oligos, antibodies, inventories, chemicals and more with StrainControl Laboratory Manager. VisuaLab by Aurora Systems. A wide portfolio of LIMS solutions to suit any laboratory and configurable to match user requirements. Food and Drug Administration k clearance of the OverStitch Sx, a new, full-thickness flexible endoscopic suturing system that will work on a broad range of single-channel flexible endoscopes.

Supports intra-departmental data integration. Laboratory Information System that allows full process workflow automation and provides better data manageability. MultiTech by Multidata Computer Systems 0 reviews. Learn more about DentLab Manager. Practice management software that is highly configurable for any customer requirements. Learn more about 1LIMS. Learn more about Lab Inventory Lab Inventory enables organizations to perform effective inventory monitoring, setting and assessing stock levels, and forecasting.

Replacing painful vein sticks with finger stick blood tests should, pending regulatory clearance, enhance patient comfort, decrease clinician sample acquisition time, and open the field of use greatly to include first responders, military, and disaster relief organizations.


Learn more about Finch Suite. Learn more about CloudLIMS A user friendly, web based sample management solution, to track biosamples and storage locations in an economical and reliable manner. Empirica by BEC Systems 0 reviews. Avalon Laboratory System is a highly sophisticated group of programs designed to manage all production and billing needs of laboratories. LabCup by LabCup 2 reviews. Learn more about Chemical Inventory.

Learn more about EdgeLab Computer-based management of medico-biological analysis laboratories that is user friendliness.

Learn more about LimitLIS.

: Apollo MedTech – Analysis of 35 Reviews

Learn more about LIS Learn more about eWB. Web-based long term scheduling tool for labs servicing nursing homes and physician offices. Telcor RCM by Telcor 0 reviews. Learn more about Avalon Laboratory System Avalon Laboratory system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.

Learn more about VisuaLab Database system for maintaining patient information and tracking lab results. Learn more about ValGenesis. Pathology, Cytology, Serology, HIV, Antibody test reports as well as reports on all types of pathological investigations.

Medical Lab Software

Comprehensive and configurable features to support a wide variety of laboratory functions to insure maximum benefits and minimum costs.

Learn more about Nova-Stability Management Software. Medisoft by Emergys 9 reviews. Finch Suite by Geospiza 1 review. LabTrax by MedTrax 1 review. Designed to analyze a wide variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical and health care laboratories. A web based portal application designed for contract laboratories to automate sample registration and result publishing workflow.


CloudDx Clinical by Appistry 0 reviews. Chemical Inventory by CyroTrack 0 reviews. Learn more about TD-Synergy suite Software solutions for clinical, anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobanks.

The Year in Review. Image Central by Advanced Imaging Concepts 0 reviews. Medtecj more about Image Central. Learn more about Medical Tests Analyzer. Document Control prompts the right people to take action at the right time to keep your laboratory in compliance. Modular system that enables labs and centralized service centers to schedule resources, manage inventory, requests, and customers.

FDA Clears Apollo Endosurgery’s OverStitch Sx Endoscopic Suturing System

A laboratory software solution for dental technicians. Comprehensive competitively priced modular solution for managing different types of laboratories in the public and private sector. Complete Laboratory Management System that enables requisition entry from numerous sources using a multitude of methods.

Learn more about LabHub. Configurable LIMS solution with multi-layered storage capabilities that automates sample tracking for lab technicians.

Learn more about LAB Asistan. Learn more about Avalon Laboratory System. The blood rapidly flows across the cartridge and can be ready for analysis in seconds.

Learn more about Laboratory Sample Tracking.